Bd Diesel Fuel Stop Control Plate - 1040192

Buy Bd Diesel Fuel Stop Control Plate - 1040192
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Manufacturer: Bd Diesel
Seller: 4 Wheel Parts
Price: 237 USD


This power adder is designed primarily for the early Cummins engines. These kits allow more travel for your fuel rack which provides more power. 94 - 95 Auto 230hp 605lbs. tq.
- 94-95 Manual 250 hp 635 lbs. tq.
- 96-98 Auto 250 hp 635 lbs. tq.
- Home Install: No.
- 50 State Legal: No.
- California Residents: WARNING


Bd Diesel Fuel Stop Control Plate - 1040192

Few things are more fun than tearing up a rough-cut trail in a 4X4 that relies on a diesel engine for horsepower. For all your 4X4's diesel needs, 4 Wheel Parts is your one-stop resource. Our inventory includes the factory-grade parts and aftermarket accessories you need to keep your vehicle ready for the road or trail.

Upgrade Your Rig's Restrictive Factory Air Filter
When you rig rolled off the assembly line, it came with a factory-grade air filter. As you know, your diesel's engine must breathe clearly to deliver an exceptional performance. Still, the factory filter may not facilitate sufficient air flow. With our selection of air intake kits from BD Diesel Performance, you increase the amount of air your vehicle's engine receives. In fact, featuring a polished-steel air box and a high-flow, cleanable filter, these kits add up to 200% airflow to your rig's diesel engine.

Think About Your Vehicle's Diesel Engine
Because it delivers a compelling ride, you choose to drive a 4X4 with a diesel engine. Of course, diesel motors require a different approach to service and maintenance than gasoline-powered ones. We are proud to offer the BD exhaust brake parts and other BD Diesel components you need to get the most out of your alternative engine. If you have your eye on a product and are unsure how to integrate it into your vehicle's diesel engine, chat with one of our parts experts. We work hard to know everything there is to know about our inventory, so we are happy to help you make an informed purchase.

Order Now
When you shop at, you choose from hundreds of the top brands in the 4X4 parts world. Whether you want to rebuild your rig's diesel engine or add a small upgrade, we have you covered. Nonetheless, we never ask you to overpay for anything we sell. With our inventory, pricing and expertise, you don't have to wait to work on your rig. Take a look at our selection and place your order today.

Buy Bd Diesel Fuel Stop Control Plate - 1040192 now to enjoy the best price!

Price: 237 USD

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